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Why Metonímia??

Metonímia is the substitution of one word for another, when between both there is a close relationship of meanings that allows this exchange. Is a figure of speech that arises from the speaker's or writer's need to place more emphasis on communication.

Our Logo translate our culture

Ativo 10.png

subversive mood

hand made

emphatical communication


loudest mind

Our values

Mood is flavor

  • Good mood opens good doors

Move mountains

  • Faith moves mountains. We need it to make dreams come true.

Market is the reference

  • Always look at the market. Don't invent wheels.

Method is a good luck

  • If there not is a method to share, something isn't right.

Make it happen

  • Let's make it happen together.

we have the best


when we are not trying to come up with ideas.

Tudaço Store, BR

It’s not like you’re a client at Metonimia – it’s more of a partnership... very free flowing with ideas. You just know you’re going to get a great brand. Metonimia won’t stop re-iterating until you get exactly what you need.”
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